Police Ethics and Police Behavior

Ethics relates to doing the right thing irrespective of the place or circumstances. It guides people’s interactions and influences how people go about their casual or professional activities. The police just like any other profession is guided by rules and regulation that require them to behave in a certain way whether on duty or not. Police ethics promotes the reputation of investigation agencies and helps them maintain law and order. Police officers from the time of recruitment through training are encouraged to adhere to professionally accepted ethics. Cops are also required to take an oath that they will uphold the best moral standards in all they do. Nevertheless, some police officers have been deviating from the accepted code of conduct thus tainting the public image of the noble profession. Domestic violence among the police has been on the rise despite being responsible for law and order in the community. Incidences of police officers committing various offenses against their colleagues also affect the public image of the police. There is need to change the worrying trend of domestic violence among police officers as it can affect their ability to perform their duties.

I would like to join the police and be part of the community affairs department. The community affairs bureau works to sustain gains made against crime by strengthening community trust and relationship. Once I join the staff I would initiate programs aimed at fostering functional relationship among the police. I would also develop programs that enable police officers to acquire skills that make them respond to family disputes differently. Many officers have been reported to be violent to their families. A good number of police officers are victims of force once they resorted to using force to solve family matters. Family affairs are never resolved amicably once one party resorts to violence or intimidation.

Human beings are prone to errors, but they should try as hard as possible to avoid deliberate mistakes. Second chances would be allowed since many police officers are never trained in handling their affairs but in defending themselves in case of violence thus use the same approach when faced with domestic violence

Counseling plays a critical role in conflict resolution. Affected officers would be counseled on how they can reunite with their families and avoid reoccurrence of similar activities that bring conflicts to police families. Counselling units would be established to help identify officers with domestics and behavioral issues and accord them the desired help.

Supporting family members of affected police officers would help restore normalcy and solve future related issues that would result in unruly behavior. Many families have disintegrated due to police officers being brutal to them and failing to provide crucial needs. Families would reunite with their loved one if they had separated. The department will be keen on resolving issues that lead to separation and have the police reunify. Secondly, the unit will help provide medical assistance to people who have suffered physical injuries. The office will help the victims identify best hospitals to solve their needs and raise funds to meet associated costs. The department will also establish a unit where police officers can seek help when faced with family discontent.

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